Photo of Rod Chiswell and David Cook at Armidale Preaching Conference May 2024

Armidale Preaching Conference Review

On 6-7 May we held a fully subscribed Preaching Conference in St Peter’s Cathedral, Armidale.

The conference was sponsored by the Trust and co chaired by Rod Chiswell, the Bishop of Armidale, and David Cook of the Trust.

We had a most encouraging time, each person preached a sermon in their preaching group and each group leader preached a sermon from Acts 1-12.

Simon Manchester preached three clear and impacting sermons and David Cook, David Burge and Jim Mobbs preached one sermon each.

In one helpful session, each of the speakers and a group leader Janet Riley, had 10 minutes each to share their top tip to expositors.

One person who attended wrote, ’Rural ministry is tough and ministry remote from good gospel support is often lonely. The clubs and conference provide sustenance for those working in these settings’.

Another, ‘I’m thankful for the rich diet—food for the soul from the book of Acts. I’m thankful for humble servants from many parts of northern NSW, ready to keep learning and press on in preaching God’s saving Word.. a delight and refreshment to spend some hours together’.

Another, ‘I guess I’d call myself an advanced beginner preacher, I was reluctant about going to the conference, I’m so glad I went. Being among like-minded people who all acknowledge there’s so much to learn, made for a warm atmosphere of instruction and encouragement in Christ’.

The conference will be repeated at Wahroonga Presbyterian and Anglican Churches, 9-10 September, 2024. The cost is $50; to register contact