Preaching Club with EP Trust

Preaching Clubs

In 2022 the Trust is planning for Preaching Clubs in these locations:

Armidale on a Monday. Nick Stone is the coordinator.
Contact Nick at to register for the Club.

Wahroonga on a Monday. John Woldhuis is the coordinator.
Contact John at

Marrickville on a Tuesday. Ross Ciano is the coordinator.
Contact Ross at

Abbotsford on a Wednesday. Darryl Soh is the coordinator.
Contact Darryl at

It is planned that the club will meet 4 times each year.

If you are a preacher do come along and join in the supportive fellowship, you will get to preach twice each year and have your sermon critiqued.

The size of the club is limited to 14 members, we enjoy good coffee and food.

In 2022 Janet Riley will be joining the Trust. Janet was the Dean of Residential Women students at SMBC and a vital part of the College’s School of Preaching.

Janet will be joining each of the city clubs and be gauging interest in a Womens’ Preaching Club.

If you would be interested in joining such a club, please contact Janet at

Preaching the Bible, expository preaching, is a vital part of shepherding God’s flock. Through His word, God nourishes His people and brings the unbeliever to belief.

We make no greater investment in the welfare of our homes, streets and suburbs than to encourage faithful and engaging expository preaching in the local church.

We welcome your fellowship with us in this strategic task and invite your membership in our Clubs, please contact the coordinator of the club you wish to join.

The Trust also makes available preaching mentors for church staffs or for individual preachers.

Our mentors are:
David Cook
Stuart Coulton
Barry Dudding
David Jones
Janet Riley.

If you would like a mentor please contact us through the contact form on this site.

The Trust also conducts 3 Day Preaching Workshops in different locations for 8 preachers at a time. These workshops are intensive and are designed to encourage preachers who wish to regularly brush up on their preaching skills. Please use the contact form if you would like such a workshop in your area.

We are grateful for the support which makes it possible to provide this encouragement without cost to each participant. On behalf of the Trust, I look forward to seeing you in the new year,

David Cook.