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Making disciples is the central direction of the great commission of Matthew 28. I have lived long enough to see this endeavour go through some

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Put on your glasses

My optometrist’s practice is called The Eye Opener and is owned by a couple whose parents migrated to Australia from Greece after World War 2.

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Lord willing, the EP Trust is planning the following opportunities in 2023: Lather and Shave Preaching Clubs These meet quarterly at Abbotsford, Armidale and Wahroonga.

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teaspoon with salt

Teaspoon Application

If we say a typical sermon basically has two parts, exposition and application, it’s the application that will generally let a sermon down the most.

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london tower bridge with refelctions


We are now into the sixth week of our ten week trip to the UK. In Acts 4 we read of the attempt of the

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Edinburgh in Summer


Maxine and I are currently in the second week of a ten week trip to the UK. We have had several surprises thus far: 1.

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joggers at sunrise across bridge

More on Application

‘Unapplied truth is not Biblical truth, it is something else and something less’, A.W.Tozer. We have all heard the sermon which rambles for 30 minutes

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