childs hand in fathers hand

The Jesus people met

There is no piece of ancient literature that has as much manuscript evidence to support its integrity, as John’s gospel. Documents P52 and P66 both

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Pandemic Preacher with mask

Pandemic Preaching

A friend in Malaysia, a University worker in Melbourne, a Pastor here in Sydney, independently, beginning to preach through Ecclesiastes. I thought that 2021 would

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Janet Riley Photo

Welcome Janet Riley

I am delighted to let you know that Janet Riley is to join the Trust as an encourager, especially of women’s groups, one day per

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Person climbing mountain illustrating application


Applying the truth of the ‘there and then’ of the Bible to the ‘here and now’ of life today, is a challenge for every preacher.

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two male friends shaking hands

Preaching Mentoring

This year, quite by accident, I have been involved in a number of preaching mentorships. These mentorships are one on one, held on a weekly

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man writing notes in notebook at a table

Engaging Preaching

In his substantial biography of J.I. Packer, Leland Ryken interviews Dr. Packer regarding his literary and spoken style and rhetoric: Did Packer consciously cultivate the

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Anzac Memorial Flame

Anzac Day

This year Anzac Day falls on a Sunday, providing an opportunity for congregations to reflect together on the sacrifice of our servicemen and servicewomen who

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