The lather and shave preaching process

The Lather & Shave Club

The Lather and Shave Club meets once a quarter at Abbotsford and Cronulla. It is a club designed to sharpen pastors in their preaching so that they may preach with more clarity as they expound and apply the Bible in their local contexts.

We enjoy decent coffee, good food and a warm comradery. Our main aim, however, is to sharpen each other in the task of preaching faithfully, clearly, from the text and in an engaging manner. Each gathering starts with a presentation on an aspect of preaching. This is usually delivered by David. Following this we critique one another as we take turns in preaching a sermon.

We critique via the lather and shave method:
Lathering - what was good?
Shaving - where could this sermon be improved?

Currently four Mens’ Lather and Shave clubs meet once a quarter at Abbotsford, Armidale, Cronulla and Marrickville. These clubs are designed to sharpen pastors preaching as they expound and apply the Bible in their local context. Currently there are no women's groups, but enquiries would be welcome.

Daryl Soh Pastor at Abbotsford Presbyterian Church

Darryl Soh

Darryl Soh is the pastor at Abbotsford Presbyterian Church and co-ordinator of Lather & Shave Abbotsford

Hamish Burke

Hamish Burke is the pastor at Cronulla Presbyterian Church and co-ordinator of Lather & Shave Cronulla.

Photo of Nick Stone

Nick Stone

Nick Stone is the Vicar of Boggabri Anglican Church and coordinates the Armidale Club.

Photo of Ross Ciano and his wife

Ross Ciano

Ross Ciano is the Pastor at Marrickville Anglican and coordinates the Marrickville Club.

EPT Preaching Workshops

EPT Preaching Workshops are three day intensives for 8 preachers, involving all participants in preaching a recent sermon and then preparing and preaching a new sermon. These workshops are held as invited, they have been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Bundaberg and Kuala Lumpur. David Cook coordinates the Workshop and is accompanied by one other experienced preacher.

The pool of preachers used has included David Jones of Hobart, Steve Young of Springwood, NSW, and David Burge of SMBC. Workshops are conducted as we are invited ,use the contact form to make contact. There is no charge for the workshop.

EPT Preaching Workshop