Put on your glasses

My optometrist’s practice is called The Eye Opener and is owned by a couple whose parents migrated to Australia from Greece after World War 2.

On a recent checkup visit, Nick and I were talking about the subjects which our children, and in my case, my grandchildren, were studying for their High School finals.

We agreed that history was vital and Ancient history especially so, I suspect because Nick wanted his kids to know that the Greeks once ruled the world.

You can google any number of quotes about the importance of knowing history so as not to repeat its mistakes. This is even more vital as the culture loathers try to sever our connection with our classical roots.

On our recent trip to the UK we went on two Christian Heritage walking tours, one in Edinburgh and one in London. Both were excellent. In Edinburgh we followed the path of the Reformation and the brutal treatment of the faithful Covenanters. In London we visited John Newton’s church, St. Mary, Woolnoth, as well as many other significant evangelical centres in the square mile which makes up the city of London.

I was struck at the value of having a guide who can give so much extra background information. Another invaluable experience is to be guided through the British museum by a Christian guide who can give so much insight into the artefacts and their relevance to our understanding, especially of the Old Testament.

In Edinburgh contact the Christian Heritage Centre: info@christianheritageedinburgh.org.uk

In London contact Len at Evangelical Heritage tour:  lenvanderput@gmail.com

The British museum, contact Campbell at: campbell.patterson@allsouls.org

There is a small charge for each of these valuable ministries.

There are also four virtual tours of the British Museum available at: st-helens.org.uk/resources/series/5266/

History, and church history in particular, has a great deal to teach and for the preacher has powerful illustrative effect. At our recent Church Weekend In Stuart Coulton, the church historian and past principal of SMBC, spoke on, ‘Church history’s four biggest lessons.’ ALL present found it a riveting experience.

Why not read your family a chapter a week from Stuart’s book, Hitting the Holy Road, where he revisits many significant sites from Christian history?

God expects His people to be readers of history, that’s why 40% of the Bible is Historical narrative, He is the God who doesn’t just speak, but He acts to back up His word!

History is indeed His Story.

David Cook