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Applying the truth of the ‘there and then’ of the Bible to the ‘here and now’ of life today, is a challenge for every preacher.

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Preaching Mentoring

This year, quite by accident, I have been involved in a number of preaching mentorships. These mentorships are one on one, held on a weekly

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Engaging Preaching

In his substantial biography of J.I. Packer, Leland Ryken interviews Dr. Packer regarding his literary and spoken style and rhetoric: Did Packer consciously cultivate the

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Anzac Memorial Flame

Anzac Day

This year Anzac Day falls on a Sunday, providing an opportunity for congregations to reflect together on the sacrifice of our servicemen and servicewomen who

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Investing in Preparation

I am facing the dilemma of all retirees—Australia’s inflation rate continues at between 1 and 2%, at the same time as interest rates are virtually

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The Year of the Un

2020 has been the year of the Un. The unusual, the uncommon, the unparalleled, the unprecedented. Hope springs eternal and we now enter a new

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Preparing for Death

Life is about preparation! I was in 4th class at Clovelly Public School and our teacher, Mr DeRago, told us that he was getting us

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