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Preaching Mentoring

This year, quite by accident, I have been involved in a number of preaching mentorships.

These mentorships are one on one, held on a weekly basis, and focus on preaching rather than other aspects of pastoral leadership. The sessions are held for half an hour and focus on either the next text to be preached or as a review of the last sermon preached.

Consistently, as with all Trust activities, there is no financial charge for any of our services or resources. The Trust is dependent on donors who meet all the costs of the ministry so that there is no financial pressure on those accessing any of our resources.

At the moment we are assembling a group of experienced preachers who will be available to mentor preachers via Zoom. Please contact me through the contact page if you would like to have a mentor.

Mentorships are established for a period of twelve months with the opportunity then to review. Some mentorships are conducted with whole church teams as well as individuals.

Here are some reflections from those who have been mentored this year:

“In 2021 our regular Church staff Zoom training sessions have accelerated staff learning exponentially. These one-hour sessions have brought inexperienced preachers quickly up to speed on the basics. The sessions have also helped more experienced preachers, sharpening their focus on how to preach more engagingly. It’s been a win-win outcome for our preachers and our congregations.”


“I have been meeting most of this year and have found it very helpful to have feedback, critique, and advice to help me refine and sharpen my preaching skills. I’ve found having a sharp big idea and weighty implications helpful. I would highly recommend it to all preachers and, in particular, younger preachers.”

I have found preparing for these sessions demanding but it has been a mutually beneficial experience. We are assembling a panel of mentors. Why not make the investment in your preaching, “a win win for preacher and congregation”.

David Cook