Sydney Preaching Clubs Reopening in 2021!

The Trust’s preaching clubs will reopen in Term 1, 2021. They meet four times each year, once each school term, in Abbotsford on a Thursday and at Cronulla on a Friday.

Membership of each club is free but we ask for each person to commit to attending the year’s four sessions.

2021 meetings will follow this pattern:

Meeting 1: A guest preacher preaches twice and speaks about how he prepares and how to keep fresh as a preacher for a long term ministry.

Meeting 2: Seven sermons are preached by club members for critiquing.

Meeting 3: Another guest preacher; we have engaged experienced guest preachers for these meetings.

Meeting 4: Seven sermons from club members, critiqued by your fellow preachers.

Good coffee, morning tea and lunch is served. The day begins at 9:15 am and concludes at 3:30 pm.

‘As a 65 year old I have learnt, and continue to learn, more than I ever have about preaching and myself. Each meeting has been used by God’s Spirit to challenge my sense of self sufficiency in the preaching process.’
– Peter

‘The club’s commitment to teaching the necessity of the clear preaching of God’s word has been an immense help to me and my own preaching.’
– Jim

‘I have put my head on the chopping block at our club and it has been an uplifting and encouraging experience. Having my sermons critiqued has forced me back to the basics, to remember that the power of the sermon is in taking my audience to the text. These times together have reminded me of the great privilege and responsibility it is to preach God’s word’.
– Marshall

Use the contact form on the web site to register your interest. If you would like to begin a club in your area please let us know.

We trust more preachers will see the benefit of investing times like these in their own preaching.

In our groups, we have older pastors, less experienced pastors and theological students.

Peter concludes, ‘If you get the opportunity to join a group grab it with both hands because God’s desire is that you not only become a better preacher but a more Christ like person.’

David Cook.